What is healthy sexuality?

Healthy sexuality involves recognizing that we are all sexual beings and celebrating the ways that our sexuality benefits us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Healthy sexuality is positive and enriches our lives. Healthy sexuality allows us to enjoy and control our sexual and reproductive behavior without guilt, fear or shame.

Sexual expression is a form of communication through which we give and receive pleasure and emotion. It has a wide range of possibilities - from sharing fun activities, feelings and thoughts, warm touch or hugs, to physical and emotional intimacy. It is expressed both individually and in relationships throughout life.


Life experiences may have inhibited your ability to development or express

your sexual self in a healthy way. This may include experiences

or exposure to sexual abuse, infidelity, sexual compulsive behavior,

weight/body image issues, mixed messages and/or no clear messages

about healthy sexuality. Therapy would be a great resource to challenge

established beliefs about sexuality that may hinder your ability to be sexually

comfortable with yourself and within your relationship.

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